At 1HUNDRED perfumes, we believe that fragrances have the extraordinary power to create lasting impressions and evoke vivid memories. This conviction fuels our commitment to create scents that are cherished for the memorable experiences they cultivate.

Our perfumes are designed to touch the soul and to ignite a spark of nostalgia. They are more than an accessory; We strive to ensure that after using our perfumes for a certain time, you will find that they have woven themselves seamlessly into the fabric of your own unique story.

We select ingredients with exceptional intensity and longevity. Our creations are designed to be memorable, built around specific key ingredients, Inspired by the our rooted traditions. 

A Fragrance for All

We believe that perfumes should be crafted to suit all. Each fragrance is designed to fit all, a collection that is unisex with no exceptions. We pride ourselves on creating inclusive, versatile scents that can be cherished by anyone.

Explore our carefully curated collection, where every bottle holds a universe of emotions, creating memories together, 1 scent at a time.